When Am I Coming To The United States?

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Travel to The United States

Some earlier I announced that together with my family, I’ve got a 3-years multiply B1/B2 (business/tourist) visa to the United States and we were going to come to visit in the end of Summer 2016.

This plan is gonna working out. We are coming to the United States to film the series of guest episodes of “Real Russia” in August. The exact date is unknown yet, but will be known some later.

Thanks so much to EVERYONE who supported this idea through the crowdfunding page at http://realrussiablog.com/usa

More than that many people wrote to my email address and offered a place to stay and even cars to drive while we are there. This is just unbelievable and mind blowing! Thanks so much!

Unfortunately, this US trip is going to be made in a limited version of the original plan, but it’s still ok!

The original plan was to come to the NYC, spend a few days there, then rent a car and slowly… little-by-little… for 3-4 weeks drive to Los Angeles, CA. Visiting many interesting places in between of these cities, located on a contrary parts of the US.

But, unfortunately, there was less money raised than it was needed for such a plan. So, it’s going to be some shorter and will be started from San Francisco, CA.