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Kevin Fucich of ‘Kevin Fucich Investigative Services’ is a private investigator with an office near the French Quarter of New Orleans. His companies website is. and he is also a point man and main supervisor for InfraGuard STAZI style community policing groups in New Orleans that the FBI, NSA & CIA use on a regular basis. He is also prior law enforcement. Kevin Fucich is the one who my former employers, and their insurance companies, hired after my injury and subsequent lawsuit against them. This scumbag is responsible for destroying many innocent American lives in New Orleans, not to mention families. He was used by the federal government as a go-between with my former employers when CIA & FBI paradigm sought to derail my lawsuit by destroying evidence in our case. He is a CLEAR & PRESENT DANGER to society, and especially to any innocent Americans who the government deems undesirables, dissidents, activist, whistle blowers, etc. He is pictured in the video wearing a police uniform and can be found by going to the following internet site:

Jennifer Shellnut (blond hair) and Richard Jeansonne are organized ‘gang’ stalkers who are informants and provocateurs for the FBI, CIA, NSA & local law enforcement in New Orleans. They were used by the Feds to monitor me and also to place CIA NSA adjacent to my apartment at 1418 Charters Street (3rd floor). When the directed energy weapon and psychotropic torture began, they were both instrumental in the government harassment and stalking scheme against me. Jennifer Shellnut was frequently called by CIA NSA to run interference with the local police each time I would report these crimes to the local police. Indeed, when I would call the police she would somehow miraculously ‘show up out of the blue’ and would tell the police I was crazy, etc. Bot Jennifer Shellnut & Richard Jeansonne are realtors and work at French Quarter Realty in New Orleans, LA. There company website is: and Jennifer Shellnut’s email address is: Richard Jeansonne is the owner of French Quarter Realty. Another individual who works at French Quarter Realty and was used by the feds in this paradigm against whistle blower Bryan Tew is Realtor Samara Poche.

Bianca Schuster is the owner of Salon Diversions in New Orleans French Quarter and is an informant and provocateur for the FBI CIA in the New Orleans area. She and two other informants & provocateurs , Natalie Boos of Natalie Fine Art Studio & Charles Wilson of Esplanade Ave, in the French Quarter, were continuously used in this torture terror paradigm against me