Expatriates | USA | How To Move To The USA | Types of VISAS I am a South African expatriate who emigrated to the United States. I make videos about my life in the United States, my experiences growing up in South Africa. I talk about fun stuff and intellectual topics. I also talk about similarities between African-American culture and African culture. In future videos I’ll talk about Afrikaners as well. Expatriates | USA | How To Move To The USA | Types of VISAS,visa,america,united states of america (country),living abroad,travel,immigration,immigration usa,immigration lawyer,immigration documentary usa,immigration documentary,immigration usa 2016,moving to the usa [More]
To get more information as to the type of visa you can apply for and what documents are required, please go to http://oisservices.com/visas.php Below are the major documents you need to include with others as stated in the type of visa you have chosen: Print Application Form Print Payment Receipt Print Acknowledgement Slip to start the application process – you can go to https://www.innovate1services.com/ and log in with your gmail, facebook or yahoo account or https://portal.immigration.gov.ng/visa/freshVisa to start the application process
Video oficial de Noticias Telemundo. Anualmente el Gobierno otorga 50,000 visas de diversidad para permitir la residencia permanente a personas provenientes de países con un bajo índice migratorio a Estados Unidos. SUBSCRIBETE: http://bit.ly/1JI1uXV Noticias Este es el canal en Youtube de la división de noticias de la cadena Telemundo en los Estados Unidos. El “Noticiero Telemundo”, presentado entre semana por María Celeste Arrarás y José Díaz-Balart -y fines de semana por Edgardo del Villar- es el programa insignia de la división y la fuente de información más confiable de la comunidad hispana en los Estados Unidos. El programa “Enfoque con José Díaz-Balart” [More]
El registro para participar en el sorteo que permite optar por la tarjeta de residencia permanente para trabajar en Estados Unidos se reabre para Ecuador después de 10 años. En total se sortearán 50.000 green cards a personas de todo el mundo. Suscríbete a El Universo en Youtube aquí: http://bit.ly/eu-youtube Revisa nuestro sitio web: http://www.eluniverso.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eluniversoec/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/eluniversocom Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/eluniversocom/
Video oficial de Telemundo Un Nuevo Día. El abogado de inmigración, Nelson Castillo, te cuenta cuáles son los requisitos para poder participar de esta lotería de visas que vence el 3 de noviembre. YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/unnuevodia Official page: http://www.Telemundo.com/UnNuevoDia Facebook https://www.Facebook.com/UnNuevoDia Twitter https://twitter.com/#!/UnNuevoDia SUBSCRIBETE: http://bit.ly/1ykCaDr Un Nuevo Día: Es un programa de entretenimiento que ofrece las últimas noticias y titulares de la farándula, lo que está pasando en la vida de los famosos dentro y fuera de la pantalla. Además de los secretos más íntimos de los artistas, sus camerinos y sus hogares. SUBSCRIBETE: http://bit.ly/1ykCaDr Telemundo Es una división de Empresas [More]
http://smalawyers.com Steve talks about the how H-1B Visas work from the employers perspective. SMA is a specialized U.S. immigration and consular law firm based in New York. To learn more, visit our website at http://smalawyers.com/ or contact us at http://smalawyers.com/contact This video is an XPress Video. To learn more, visit http://cartouchecreations.com/xpress .
I’m here at the Bureau of Immigration in Intramuros in Manila and I’m actually standing on one of the old fortress walls from the original Spanish fortress that made up Intramuros. I guaranty there was a different kind of immigration going on at that point in time. But what I want to get across to everybody is that the Philippines wants you to come here. This is the easiest Asian country to come and visit and to come and stay, I guaranty that. When you get off the airplane here you automatically get thirty days for free and you can [More]
The European Union plans to propose the suspension of “visa free” travel for U.S. and Canadian citizens. CCTV’s Jack Parrock reports.
http://www.legalbistro.com Legal help experienced temporary visas lawyer Winters California. If you are looking to need a lawyer in Winters, California to handle your temporary visas, our video will help you to better understand how to choose the right law firm for your case. Find out how to apply for a media visa I-1. A media visa is regarded as a non-immigrant visa because it is issued to the representatives of foreign media including members of: newspapers, radio, television, print industries, film crews, editors etc. The common requirement for the applicants is to come to the U.S. Temporarily. The applicant must [More]