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Norway started to reject resident permit of Iranian scholars and professionals. They are welcomed in other countries like Sweden. For reading the full story visit: Do you also say #NO2UDIdiscrimination? send your video to us and sign the petition: #NO2UDIdiscrimination
I am currently studying at Jönköping University as a foreign exchange student and am quite interested in the cultural differences between Swedes and Americans. Here is a clip of a talk I had about culture and politics in Sweden and America with Alex, a very interesting Swede that I met outside my apartment in Jönköping, Sweden. I apologize for focusing on the negative aspects of culture and politics, but I found them to be much more interesting/enlightening. Feel free to ask me questions in the comments section. Thanks for watching! You can visit for more info relating to my [More]
The Embassy of Sweden in Abu Dhabi has outsourced its visa application process to VFS Global. People who want to apply for Schengen visas to Sweden can now do this at two new centres managed by VFS Global – one in Abu Dhabi and one in Dubai. Read More:
The perks of living in Sweden
Helpful Links For SFI: More Info On Benefits: Arbetsförmedlingen: Video I mentioned: All of the stuff expressed in the video are my own thoughts. I don’t own Rosetta Stone or anything weird like that.
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Linkon, from Bangladesh reflects on the difficult times he first had in Sweden, his traumas and his hopes and dreams. After a negative decision, Linkon submitted a new asylum application while he got a work permit. Linkon received help from the health service of the Swedish Red Cross. A film by Mirjam Frydman and Adrian Ringstrom, with the support of the Swedish Red Cross and ECRE and financed by the European Programme on Integration and Migration (EPIM) and the European Union.