Hello, Welcome to my channel, “best places in the world” via videos. Thinking about moving to Australia? Today, I will speak about best places to live in Australia, Australia is a country, and continent, surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans. The country is known for its Sydney Opera House, Great Barrier Reef, the vast Outback (interior desert wilderness) and unique animal species including kangaroos and duck-billed platypuses. Choosing where you want to live in Australia is not straightforward. Australia is a big place, as if you didn’t know. Australia has big cities, it has small towns. It has beautiful [More]
We recommend staying away from these 10 places! Visit our site: http://TopTrending.com Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TopTrending Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/TopTrending Commentator: http://www.youtube.com/user/BaerTaffy Music: Crime Thriller & Gritty Crime http://themeforest.net/item/crime-thriller/11542086 http://themeforest.net/item/gritty-crime/11729692 1. JUAREZ VALLEY, MEXICO 2. YUNGAS ROAD, BOLIVIA 3. ISTANBUL, TURKEY 4. LAKE KIVU 5. SAN PEDRO SULA, HONDURAS 6. ILHA DA QUEIMADA GRANDE (SNAKE ISLAND) 7. MOUNT HUA, CHINA 8. DANAKIL DESERT, ETHIOPIA 9. MAYAK, RUSSIA 10. CAMDEN, NJ 10 Most Dangerous Places In The World
10. RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA It is the largest city situated in research Triangle Park which has 3 places in it. This place is full of employed opportunities especially for professionals. The unemployment rate in this country is very low while the income of a normal person is high that is about $53,370 which is more than other places. This place also has three good universities to provide better education facilities to the people living there. This place is very good for students as well as professionals because of opportunities in it. 9. SAN DEIGO, CALIFORNIA This place has the best [More]
World top ten best great place to work and live in cities World’s top 15 best cities to work and live in 15 mejores ciudad del mundo para viver y trabajar
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The best cities in the US. Songs: 1. Mayday Parade – Jamie All Over 2. All Time Low – Six Feet Under The Stars 3. All Time Low – Vegas
Best Places to live in the USA as of year 2014 Top 25 Cities 25 best Cities to live in the USA as of year 2014. If you are living in any one of these cities, be proud of yourself. If your city did not make the list, do not take it personally. Many of those cities were chosen, because they are nice, have low unemployment, are prosperous, have nice neighborhoods, and low crime rate etc. Disclaimer: We do not own the pictures and neither the music.
To learn more about Pueblo, visit pueblochamber.org. Find out what makes Pueblo, CO a great place to live, work and play at livability.com/pueblo/co.
The Top 10 places to visit in the USA.
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