Subscribe! India is the world’s largest democracy and many believe it to be the world’s next superpower. But how much do really know about India? —————————- Check out more Seeker! —————————- Julia’s Twitter: Join the Seeker community! Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Tumblr: Google+: iOS app: Android app: —————————- Sources: India: The next superpower? Fortune – “A year ago, India’s future looked bleak. Anemic economic growth, inflationary fears, and a lack of credible leadership in New Delhi had fostered uncertainty and pessimism. That changed dramatically when Narendra Modi became Prime Minister [More]
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How to fill up India visa form online complete video tutorial.
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There has been a large increase in the number of civilians killed or injured in Afghanistan. A UN report says the total number for the first six months of the year … India today asked the US Embassy in New Delhi to withdraw an officer of a rank similar to that of Devyani Khobragade who was asked to leave the US after … The 2013 G-20 Russia summit was the eighth meeting of the G-20 heads of government. The hosting venue was the Constantine Palace in Saint Petersburg, … WorldLeadersTV: AFGHANISTAN: UN: IMPROVEMENTS but CAMPAIGN TARGETING CIVILIANS & WOMEN POLICE [More]
India Rises as the worlds leading Economic and Military Power. The Chinese Dragons are very much afraid of India. India has developed weather control Weapons, extraterrestrial races are visiting India on massive scale. Over 100000 Indians living on Mars mostly on Student visa, India has now build an IIT campus on mars and on moon. Females of different extraterrestrial races finds Indian men most attractive over all the men of the world. Over 1M million alien races are studying in India on student visa. US and China seeking to get Indian AID, PM Modi promised to gave 1000000000 trillion dollars [More]
Amit from India explains his journey to study in the U.S.