Scheduling the K1 Fiance Visa Medical Exam Faq 41

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To be granted a fiance visa your fiance is required to attend a medical exam at a clinic approved by the consulate processing your case. There they test and examine to confirm that she does not have any diseases that would put the public at risk or medical conditions requiring public funding to treat, has the required vaccinations, and does not have a history of drug use or mental instability. Most consulates recommend that she attend the interview two weeks prior to the interview. This gives ample time for tests to be processed, x-rays developed, and all results to arrive at the consulate, despite occasional traffic jams, power outages, bad weather.
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Sometimes it is not convenient to take the medical two weeks early. Perhaps your fiance lives far from the city the clinic is in and needs to take an expensive trip to where the consulate and clinic are. She doesn’t want her to spend two lonely and expensive weeks in a ;hotel in a strange town. In such a case, she may try to minimize the time between the medical and the consulate interview.

The best way to organize this is by talking directly to the medical clinic for their advice. Ask: “What is the very latest appointment time they can reliably provide a medical in time for the consular interview”?.

Sometimes, maybe because of a convenient early opportunity to be in town where the medical clinic is located, or just to satisfy a powerful urge to “get things over with as quickly as possible” your fiancee may want to take the medical months early before the consular interview date.

There is danger in doing so. Most consulates now view the fiancee visa medical as being valid for ONLY a MAXIMUM of 6 months and the fiance must enter the USA before the Medical is out of date.

This means the consulate will not issue the K1 fiance visa for its stated normal 6 months validity. Instead, they adjust the visa’s expiry date back earlier to match 6 months from the date of the medical. For example; If she has the medical 2 weeks prior to the interview the K1 visa issued will be valid for 5 1/2 months. If she attends the medical 5 months early, the visa would be valid for 1 month only.

I have had a few clients, shocked to see that their visas would expire much sooner than expected, and they had to quickly and sometimes expensively rearrange their airline reservations.

In summary: Plan to attend the medical within 2 weeks of the consular interview. This will allow your visa to be the maximum validity period. I attempting to to squeeze the times between the medical and the interview as short as possible, talk to the clinic for their advice and recommendations.