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This video highlights the details regarding Fees for different types of Visas. It answers all queries regarding the amount to be spent and payment facilities as well. The entire process of payment for obtaining student VISA for US is explained in very simple terms. Visit: for more information
I’m here at the Bureau of Immigration in Intramuros in Manila and I’m actually standing on one of the old fortress walls from the original Spanish fortress that made up Intramuros. I guaranty there was a different kind of immigration going on at that point in time. But what I want to get across to everybody is that the Philippines wants you to come here. This is the easiest Asian country to come and visit and to come and stay, I guaranty that. When you get off the airplane here you automatically get thirty days for free and you can [More]
In this video, I answers the questions related to B1/B2 Visa Can my parents visit me while I am on Student Visa F1 Visa in USA? It is short video that tell you what is the best time for your parents to apply for visit visa / Tourist Visa for USA. For other videos related to F1 Visa, F2 Visa, H1 B Visa , H4 etc. visit
2016 Olympics/Paralympics American Citizen Services video series: A staff member at U.S. Mission Brazil explains the Brazilian government’s temporary waiver of its requirement for tourist visas for American tourists traveling to Brazil during the 90-day period leading up to and during the Olympic and Paralympic Games from June 1-September 18. Make sure to check out the Brazilian embassy’s website in the U.S. for more information about this temporary waiver: Visit U.S. Mission Brazil’s special webpage devoted entirely to information for American Citizens traveling to the Games: 2016-u- s-citizen- services/ And follow us!…… [More]
Please feel free to write feedback or if any questions to our email id: Thank you. Whenever your fiance travels to visit you in the USA there is a chance she will be refused entry to the USA and turned away at the US border. Each time she enters the USA she is inspected by a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer at the border. His job is to screen incoming visitors deciding if they should be allowed entry or not. Regardless of what visa the traveler is using, admittance to the USA is always at the discretion of the CBP officer. Without advance warning, the officer might refuse entry. “Sorry, I can’t allow you [More]
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