How to move to America || 9 Visa options explained

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How to move to America! Watch this video in order to learn which kind of visa you need to move to America.

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How to move to America!

Thank you for watching my video about how to move to America. In this video I tell you 9 different U.S. Visas you can apply for to come to the United States of America.

Some examples are U.S. F1 Student Visa, U.S. Tourist Visa, and U.S. B1 Business Visa.

I will tell you, if you are eligible to apply for a U.S. Visa.

In my video I forgot to mention the U.S. H1B Visa.
You can apply for it if you find a company that sponsors you for it and have at least a Bachelors degree.

Thanks again for watching.

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