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Indians are doing shamelessly prostitution or pimping kind of a business here and it’s called H1B.
h1B is an employment program started by USA 25 years ago to bring skilled workers which are lack in USA but this program is completely hijacked by Indians(Indian Incs, companies, individuals) and abusing like anything. if you give money they get h1B and if you give money they get you green card and some employers even wants sex pleasure from girls masters students to file h1b free. That’s the level of Indians degraded in USA for the sake of dollars and green card.
America failed to kick out these violators as victims and accused are in master -slave bondage for green card.
I really do not know why Indians are cheating and looting Indians in a foreign land shamelessly. if so then where is the greatness of Indian culture and tradition? Just fake?
I am on the edge of leaving this country hence I made this video public.