Denied Fiancee or Denied Spouse Visa: Why? Gen Faq 79

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Close During the past 2 weeks I got calls from THREE different couples (none of them previously MY clients) who had been denied for their K1 Fiancee visas at the consulate. What were the common factors?

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Fiancee or Spouse visa, Which one is right for you?

What makes VisaCoach Special? Ans: Personally Crafted Front Loaded Presentations.
Front Loaded Fiance Visa Petition
Front Loaded Spouse Visa Petition

K1 Fiancee Visa
K1 Fiance Visa Timeline

CR1 Spousal Visa
CR1 Spouse Visa Timeline

Green Card /Adjustment of Status

BIG Age Difference:
If you fall in love with someone, your ages, are what they are.
They can not be changed. It’s a red flag, But not necessarily
an insurmountable obstacle. I have helped plenty of couples where the sponsor was over twice the age of the foreign fiancee. I got them ALL approved.

NO Recent Meeting
This can be easily overcome, either by good planning or a frequent flyer miles. The ideal case, which I recommend to all clients, is
that once the couple has sworn undying love, they should meet every SIX to NINE months. As the Scottish poet, Robert Burns wrote, “A man is NEVER too tired to travel to meet his lover”.
The couple that demonstrates with their frequent fyler miles, that they wish to be together, has an easier time to have their bone fide’s believed.

Some couples can’t afford a lot of travel. This is very common
and perfectly understandable. If one can only afford two or even just one trip,it is important to submit the visa petition as close to the return from the trip as possible. The meter starts running as soon as the American returns to the USA. If he submits the petition, almost
immediately upon return, then chances are VERY GOOD, that by the time it starts to looking awkward that he hasn’t traveled again,
the foreign fiance could already be issued her visa and be on her way to the USA.

A lot of clients hire me a month or two before their trip. That way
I work with them to get all the information, and background out of the way calmly and deliberately well in advance of departure.Then DURING the trip, the couple follows the customized checklists I have personalized to their situation to get final evidences, photos and signatures during the precious few days of the trip.

I have their petitions sitting 95% complete on my desk during their holiday together, and just as soon as the American returns, he sends me the final bits and I return his petition to him ready for
his signature and IMMEDIATE submission to USCIS.

NO “Front Loaded” evidences.
My last caller “We submitted a THOUSAND PAGES of evidences” but the consular officer still denied the petition.

All three couples, sent their fiancee’s to the consular interview, hand carrying various amounts of evidences, including a Manhattan telephone book sized stack of correspondences by my last caller.

The Consular officer, does NOT have to look at the evidences carried by the Fiancee. Officially the CO is supposed to make his decision based solely upon evidences that USCIS had seen.

This is important, so let me repeat,
The Consular officer does NOT have to look at any evidences
carried by the Fiancee.

In all the three cases, the CO did not allow the fiancee to hand over evidences, instead, asked a few questions, then sent the fiancee home with a rejection slip.