Catherina’s J-1 VISA application experience, interview and American travel plans – USIT

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There is the dream we all have of travelling the globe, working exotic jobs in equally exotic locations and filling up a photo album. With USIT this dream can become a reality and there is no end to just where and what you can do. Starting in 2016, Irish students participating in the J-1 Work & Travel USA program will be required to have a summer job vetted and approved before traveling to the U.S.

We have West & East Coast Jobs
We offer a wide range of job positions in different industries such as hospitability, service and recreational etc. We also offer jobs right across the West Coast – San Francisco, San Diego & Santa Monica.

Jobs for Groups
Many of our employers hiring groups of students this summer. We encourage students travelling in groups to book now and make an appointment with our USIT Recruitment Team to discuss the jobs available and destinations. These positions are filling up fast so don’t wait! Book now.

Recruitment Team
Our dedicated Recruitment Team helping J1ers get jobs each day on the West & East Coast of the USA. Jobs are being snapped up this year so sign up for an interview quickly to ensure of travelling on a J1 this summe.

We have heaps of Employers hiring throughout April 2016 by Skype plus we have a J1 Employer Hiring Fair on the 11th, 12th 13th, 14th of April 2016 at our head office on Aston Quay, Dublin.

Best Flights
We offer the best flight options to all J1 destinations. And what’s more, we offer flexible flight tickets which allow students to be open minded about where they’re going to in the US. Our flight tickets allow changes to flight dates and destinations up until the ticket is issued. Flight stop overs are available to all students.

USIT J-1 Work & Travel USA 2016