I have arrived in Provincetown, Massachusetts and start work for the summer 2016 season. www.h2buzz.com
Get more info at www.immigrationbiz.com and www.uscis.gov. Download a FREE Ebook How to Get E2 Visa here: www.immigrationbiz.com If you like to learn more visit our website at www.immigrationbiz.com. Marieta Oslanec, Esq is the Author of the book Love is the Law, Founder of ImmigrationBIz and Navrat & Oslanec PLLC, an international law firm, and her main focus is to help foreign investors and entrepreneurs coming to the U.S. to start living their American Dream. Say Hi to Marieta at Facebook: Marieta Oslanec https://www.facebook.com/Marieta-Osla… Connect with Marieta at Twitter @MarietaOslanec https://twitter.com/MarietaOslanec Send some Love to Marieta at IG @MarietaOslanec https://instagram.com/marietaoslanec/ [More]
In this video we will discuss Can a student work on Student visa (F1) in USA? While you are studying in USA on F1 Student Visa, you need to know if you can work. There are different options for students to work in USA On-Campus Employment Students on the F-1 visa may work on-campus without any special work authorization for up to 20 hours/week when classes are in session and up to 40 hours/week during vacations and breaks. Applications for on-campus employment are made through individual offices and departments. Off Campus: F-1 students may not work off-campus during the first [More]
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http://facebook.com/workvisausa http://www.peerallylaw.com/work-usa/ Working in the US The United States welcomes thousands of foreign workers in multiple occupations or employment categories every year. These include artists, researchers, cultural exchange participants, information technology specialists, religious workers, investors, scientists, athletes, nurses, agricultural workers and others. All foreign workers must obtain permission to work legally in the United States. Each employment category for admission has different requirements, conditions and authorized periods of stay. It is important that you adhere to the terms of your application or petition for admission and visa. Any violation can result in removal or denial of re-entry into the United [More]
It is important that you learn about your rights if you want to work in the USA. www.h2buzz.com
http://immigration1visausa.com/difference-between-a-labor-certificate-and-ead/ Difference between a Labor Certificate and EAD A labor certificate (LC) and an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) are both documents that allow a foreign work to work legally in the United States; however, there are differences between the two documents. This article will differentiate the LC and the EAD. What Is an LC? U.S. employers file an LC on the behalf of a foreign worker with the Department of Labor (DOL) in order to start the process for a green card. The employer is known as the “petitioner” and the foreign worker is known as the “beneficiary”. The employer [More]
www.h2buzz.com Your visa interview at the United States consulate is very important. Here are some tips for getting it done right.
Visa interview can be one of the most stressful steps before the participants travel to USA. Participants need to collect important documents, and attend a pre-scheduled visa appointment. Naturally, we do our best to ease this process for our students and to bring it to a successful end. To successfully organize the process of obtaining a J-1 visa we contact the U.S. Consulates and follow their guidelines for the upcoming season. Students are informed in advance about the documents required to apply for the J-1 Exchange Visitors Visa. We make sure we provide instructions and advice about all challenging steps [More]
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