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Had to go to London to get my visa for camp America this summer 🙂
Alex Craddock, Head of North American Marketing, Visa, Inc The technology explosion is transforming the world of commerce with physical, digital and social dimensions of commerce converging. The future is Omni commerce: a more people powered, intelligent and seamless experience for consumers. The way people shop is emblematic of the way they consume and Visa sees it as an indicator of what’s to come in marketing. Hear how Visa is repositioning itself and adapting its marketing to keep up with its payment innovations and the changing world of commerce.
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Cronkite NewsWatch en Español focuses on the proposed act called “Grow America” in which used car dealerships and car rental businesses will be obligated to let consumers know if a vehicle being purchased has been part of a recall effort. Plus, we look at the issue of “T Visas” given to victims of human and sexual trafficking and the difficulties victims face when applying for one. Cronkite’s research shows only 10% of T Visas available on a yearly basis are distributed. And, how the newly instated budget cuts from Governor Doug Ducey will affect the three state universities. Cronkite NewsWatch [More]
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