What is the status of your case? is it “Administrative Processing” or “Sent back to USCIS” ?. Consular officers are human too. Like us, they prefer to avoid ugly scenes and confrontation. Unfortunately this means that at the end of an interview where the visa has not been approved often the “wishy washy” statements made by the CO don’t let the applicant truly know whether he had been denied or is on hold. Allow me to unravel the secret language of the consulate To Schedule your Free Consultation with Fred Wahl, the Visa Coach visit or Call – [More]
if your US b1b2 visa has been rejected and want to re-apply for it. kindly view the video
Procedure for getting a U.S. Non-Immigrant visa at the U.S. Consulate, Mumbai
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The application of US visa of any category is completely an online process. The US Visa application department made sure to keep the process very easy and intuitive. Read more –
Immigration attorney Lauren Paulus explains how to apply for a tourist visa. She talks about how to complete the form and schedule an interview, what kind of documentation should take your interview, and some warnings to keep in mind. If you have additional questions, please contact Lauren Paulus at or (202) 709-6439.
The U.S. Embassy in Qatar’s online visa application process is simpler than ever. Watch this video to learn more about how to apply for an non-immigrant visa to the United States.
A VISA GRANT… is the result on how to migrate to Australia from the Philippines as a skilled professional. Jose Respall is a highly qualified and experienced Registered Migration Agent, who specialises in migration to Australia from the Philippines ONLY and has helped thousands of Filipinos since 1999. He explains his exclusive “5-Step SkillSelect Visa Application” to Filipino professionals aspiring to migrate permanently and nailing their dream job or career in Australia – a system and methodology which makes the application process easier to understand, lodge and secure their visa, like this VISA GRANT HOLDER EXPERIENCED. Mabuhay! Initial assessing Links [More] The Hong Kong Immigration Department are highly sympathetic to foreign nationals who find themselves with an employment visa sponsored by an employer that has had to make them redundant. In this situation you can expect the employer to notify the HKID of the fact of your redundancy and therefore you need to act on the basis the Immigration Department are fully aware of the change in your employment circumstances resulting from the loss of your job. Best practice now is for you to independently write to the Director of Immigration and advise them of what has happened to you. [More] When it comes to getting investment visa approvals, the problem with most technology startups is that most of them are boot strapped, most of them are run according to the Lean philosophy — and most of them fail within the first 2 years of their lives. And the Immigration Department know this. Consequently foreign national founders of technology startups in Hong Kong need to temper their early entrepreneurial seizure and consider whether their plans for Hong Kong are actually feasible from an immigration perspective. The immigration test to pass is to show you can make a substantial contribution to [More]