Step by Step and Easy to Follow Information and Guides: USA VISAS / PERMITS overview of visa types, quick tour, process, transfer, revalidation, FAQ’s GREEN CARD how to get a green card, requirements, how long, interview, FAQ’s CITIZENSHIP why and how to become a US Citizen ? —————————————————————————–
Got Administrative Processing 221g slip during your U.S.A Visa Interview? Here’s how you to Check Application Status for 221g. Learn more about Administrative Processing here
Zain Asher looks at the passport black market – how they’re made and what the U.S. government is doing to combat it.
For students, there is only one type of visa available in Canada that is Student Visa for international students. Find more on Visa : Subscribe Us to Receive More : Connect Us for More :
SYNOPSIS You know you need a visa but what kind? Do you have a temporary visa but are wanting to settle in America more permanently? Are you thinking about getting US Citizenship? There are at least 9 types of visa for living and working in the USA and if you want to have a productive career here, you need to have the right one for what you are doing. Join us at this no-nonsense session to find out about the types and the system. Lead by Immigration Attorney Kate L. Raynor who for the past ten years has specialized in [More]
Check out the list of countries one can visit on an Indian Passport without any Visa and Rickshawali tells us the type of people on her What’s App. Click to Subscribe ► Whats Trending India : Featured Link: 5 Types of People on What’s App + Special Frodo Message | #AnishaTalks Follow our host! Pranay Pachauri: Stay Connected to us: Facebook: Twitter: Google +: Figuring out what types of USA student visas there are can help anyone needing to travel. Because there are different reasons people wish to travel, the right visa must be selected to make this process easier. To get to know the various types and why someone should get them, the answers are below. The F visa category covers quite a few options. Here they are to give you an idea of what you’d need this kind for. *College or a university *High schools *An elementary school that’s private *Conservatory *Seminary *Any other kind of academic institution, such as a [More]
Credila Education Loans: Click here to apply now. : Visiting the US Consulate for a Visa Interview Applying for a Visa is an easy process. Please keep in mind that only the applicant can enter the consulate. To ensure adequate time for security please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment All visitors will have to show an appointment letter and a valid passport to the greeter outside the gate before being allowed to enter. Please note: No cell phones No electronics No food No large bags are allowed inside the consulate After you enter the main gate, greeters are [More]
General information video about the types of visas available to Australian’s who want to move to the USA
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