Here is step-by-step guidance to get the right passport application done quickly and easily. These instructions are especially important for travelers who need to expedite a rush or same day passport.
Zimbabwe’s government plans to ease visa requirements for Chinese nationals travelling to the country as it seeks to boost tourism and trade with its Far East partner. Currently Chinese nationals have to apply for visas to Zimbabwe while still in China. CCTV’s Farai Mwakutuya reports
Hundreds of Iraqis used as translators by the U.S. during the war in Iraq are still waiting for visas to come to America. A process that was supposed to take nine months has turned into delays of three to five years. Anna Werner reports on the legal action taken by a group on behalf of Iraqi interpreters.
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This instruction clip shows you how to apply for a Dutch passport. Links: * Our website: * Applying for a passport (appointment + checklist):–consular/passports-and-id-cards/passports-main.html * Application form: * Address on Google Maps: * Requirements passport photos:–consular/passports-and-id-cards/passport-photographs.html
Education One (EONE) specializes in bringing international students to the US as part of our F-1 visa academic exchange program. We place students between 14-18 years of age in private and public high schools throughout the United States. Our students live with vetted host families, or in the school’s boarding facility. EONE gives international students an exciting and life changing full immersion program – educationally and culturally. Students can reapply annually for the F-1 visa, paving the way towards studying at US colleges and universities.
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