Roschelle Graham hi Yuri ask ko lang pwedi ba kahit Hindi na mgpa vaccine please help me. Some people don’t get the Vaccine but they end up doing it anyway in the US prior to the Green Card Interview.
A guide for all who are planning to come to United State of America. Its been two years now Aneeq and Abeer are living in US. They want to share their life experiences and what they have learned by moving to US. They are starting a web-series in Urdu/Hindi for all the guys who want to visit US or get work visa or green card from US. Like us on facebook: Or stalk us on Twitter:!/abeerhkhan Our Main Channel:
The European Union plans to propose the suspension of “visa free” travel for U.S. and Canadian citizens. CCTV’s Jack Parrock reports.
Pls hit LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my channel if you like my video and for you to have a guide and tips on k1 visa processing If you have any questions please feel free to comment and I will answer you. Please watch my other youtube. Good luck K1- Fiancee Visa Requirements Preparation For Interview – US Embassy Manila K1 Fiancee Visa Packet K1 SLEC Medical Experience Casa Bocobo Check-In
Hello fellow visa applicants! Here is to show you how I prepared my documents for my Visa Interview tomorrow in US Embassy Manila, Philippines. Requirements: -Valid Passport -Interview Appointment Confirmation Page (with barcode) -DS 160 Confirmation Page (with barcode) -NBI clearance -PSA/NSO CENOMAR -PSA/NSO Birth Certificate -W2s -Form 1040 (Income Tax Returns) -Form I-134 (Affidavit of Support) -Employment Certification/Verification -3 most recent pay stubs -SLEC Medical Results (Sealed brown envelop) -Visa Payment Receipt (customer copy) -NVC Letter -NOA1 -NOA2 EVIDENCE OF GENUINE RELARIONSHIP -Photos together (with date, place and caption) -Facebook Chats, posts. -Skype call logs/history TO GOD BE ALL [More]
If you are a foreign investor and you meet all E2 Investor Visa requirements you can apply for E2 Visa in your home country at the U.S. Consulate or in the U.S. by changing of your status. If you decide to apply at home it’s faster and you get a visa stamp valid for 2-5 years. If you need to stay in the U.S. you can choose to apply at the USCIS by changing of your status. This process takes longer; you can pay additional 1,225 USD for a premium process and you get the decision within 15 business days. [More]
INTERVIEW REQUIREMENTS A. Passport Appointment Confirmation DS-160 B. NBI PSA BIRTH CERTIFICATE PSA CENOMAR MRV SLIP (photocopy) NVC LETTER (Photocopy) SLEC BROWN ENVELOP C. PETITIONER I-134 Affidavit of support 2013 Tax Return Transcript (copy) 2014 Tax Return Transcript (copy) 2015 Tax Return Transcript (copy) 2013 – 1040EZ 2014 – 1040EZ 2015 – 1040EZ 2013 W2 wage & tax statement 2014 W2 wage & tax statement 2015 W2 wage & tax statement Certificate of employment Pay-slip D. Photobook Viber & skype conversation & call logs Messenger conversation E. Proof of having met in person Airline boarding pass E-Tickets Passport stamps Hotel [More]
A U.S. citizen spouse or first-blood relative can petition for your U.S. Immigrant Visa. If the petition is approved, you’ll need to come to the Embassy for an interview. This video shows you the to-do’s for a U.S. Immigrant Visa interview. More info:
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