Lifes Changed Over The Years, Heres A Brief Over View Of The Changes
Big Breaking News! Living Big Retreats gets their clients pumped for their upcoming Living Big Retreat in this month’s MoJo Video funny client video competition.
If anyone sees this let me know how it is. The film won’t be playing in my city. You can watch the first 5 minutes at
A planning meeting with the Chief Minister, downfall style
Girls don’t know how to make a baby… Created by blacknishin Clip from Downfall (Der Untergang) The Hitler Rants Parody’s Group Downfall Parodies Forum
Getting a VISA – funny
This video is for promoting the project called “No visa for Youth on the Move”. For more informaiton.
Hitler’s bad run with Bahrain continues. This time the Fuhrer isn’t allowed into the country.
Finally got my visa application done! It wasn’t without its problems though… The video is a bit choppy and the editing was pretty substandard, even for me. And at the second segment, the lighting was pretty messed up. But it comes and goes. This is the first of a few rapid fire video uploads to make up for lost time. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to reshare. 😀 ****************** Contact me at… @joshuajasons :!/joshuajasons joshuajasons on Facebook : Blog @
Jon talks about how he plans or working with the Jitsik team. Link to form: