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http://cis.org/Katz2010 (WASHINGTON, May 2009) Arnold Shapiro, Executive Producer of the ABC television program “Homeland Security USA,” is this year’s winner of the Eugene Katz Award for Excellence in the Coverage of Immigration. The award, presented each year by the Center for Immigration Studies, is intended to recognize those who go beyond the usual clichés in examining immigration and whose work informs deliberations in this important policy area. To view a transcript or video of the Katz Award luncheon, please visit: XXX. Shapiro is the Oscar- and Emmy-winning producer of “Scared Straight,” “Rescue 911,” “Big Brother,” and dozens of other documentaries [More]
Video footage of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski being tasered and killed by police at Vancouver International Airport on Oct. 14, 2007. Part 1 out of 2.
How did he clone himself in the first place?
A poem about filling out forms at the dole office
Weltmacht USA — Ein Nachruf — Emmanuel Todd
really i must be crazy. If you are under 9 consider filling out forms to see this (go limp bizkit) but i must be crazy but sit back and enjoy!
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The very beginning is just the intro to the movie, watch it all.
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