Living in the USA – REUNION Band- live at the World Cafe in Wilmington 5/18/16
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Бесплатный курс по изучению английского: : Блог: Инглиш-умник на Facebook: Инглиш-умник Вконтакте: Living in Australia vs. Living in the USA. Major differences in Australia and the United States of America.
Daily I Breathe the Aroma of the Coffee Living in the ‘MIHYE PANG’
Living in Spain vs. Living in the USA (culture shocks, etc.).
Souflotv living in and out of hotel rooms, airplanes and suitcases, showing the life of a traveling, hard working family man. Leaving the family at home to go off and earn a living is never easy, especially when you are gone for a long time. Texas to Florida on a weekend just for a pop warner football game and back to work in less than 72 hours. The life I live. Please thumbs up the video and subscribe to the channel for more videos like this one.
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This video has been widely requested by you. In this video I am talking about my life in the USA and the things I l have seen and lived. There is so much more to day abut this beautiful country, so if you have any questions please feel free to ask me. For business inquiries, contact me at: ons-mami@hotmailcom Facebook: Instagram: Hugs, Ons First Impressions Living in Chile vs. Living in the USA (United States of America). Some differences in the lifestyle and culture in Chile and in the USA.