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Topics represent some of the issues in the United States that some immigrants may not have been aware of prior to arrival. “Enculturation 485” provides immigrants’ personal stories on how they react to the different cultural issues mentioned in the video and much more as they try to adapt to life in the United States.
Living in United States | Pros and Cons Pros and Cons of living in United States of America Things you should know before moving to America: How to get a US Visa: How to apply for a US Tourist Visa: ——————————————————————————— Let’s be friends: ❤️ Intagram: ❤️ Facebook: ❤️ SUBSCRIBE to Nicole from Germany: __________________________________________________ Hello thank you for watching my video about the pros and cons of living in America. Does living in the United States have more pros or cons? I’m originally from Germany but I have been living in the States [More]
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Hey guys, My friends and I are talking about living in the USA, being an Au Pair, friendship and much much more 😀 I hope you’ll enjoy watching this video as much as we did recording it! Simi Instagram: pflaumenbaum22
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