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Contact | Հետադարձ կապ You can contact the USA Visa team online, by telephone or in person at our office in central Yerevan. 099550522 | 095350522 +1 424 532 0522 (USA) 23-1 Tigran Mets Avenue | Տիգրան Մեծի Պողոտա 23-1 Կենտրոն և Նորք Մարաշ վարչական շրջանների ընդհանուր իրավասության դատարանի հարևանությամբ, “Ռոսիա մոլ”-ի դիմաց։
Immigration Lawyer Flavio Van Boekel explains 10 things a couple (whether straight or same sex) should not do during a interview with the USCIS for adjustment of status. 10 Tips Worth Watching & Learning! For more info call (973) 732-7300 or email: or visit our website at:
IEN contributor Saf Dogan shares his journey as an immigrant to the United States and offers advice on how to overcome the obstacles. By: Saf Dogan Twitter: @sociallysaf Will keep it short and sweet: When I was in college back in Turkey, I was really eager to experience life abroad and bring my English to an advanced level. My first time outside the country was the 3-month “Work & Travel USA” program I did during my first summer in school. I ended up working at Six Flags Theme Parks near the Washington DC area. Not only I’ve actually made more [More] Steve talks about the misconceptions around real estate investments as a means to immigrate to the US. SMA is a specialized U.S. immigration, international, commercial, and corporate boutique firm based in New York, with a consular law practice in Buenos Aires through an affiliate office. To learn more, visit our website at or contact us at
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