Archibald Darko-Boateng Ghanian Mid/Outside Back

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Age: 21
Height : 5:8 ft


Archibald has graduated from high school and is looking for a team for 2015. Archibald is by far the best Mid I have found in Ghana. Most of the assist for goals in training sessions or during the tryouts came from. He is an aggressive player but he has skill. He passes in the offensive half are what separate him from the pack. He also has great cardio. He traveled to the Kansas city Missouri area in June and had one tryout with Park University. The coach showed interest in him but I met with him and let him know he wasn’t going to get the best offer just by visiting one university. Because his traveled to the U.S. before it shouldn’t be an issue acquiring his student visa. He will be taking the Toefl at the end of the month

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Level played : N/A

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