2016 K-1 Fiance Visa Eligibility Requirements K1 Faq 02

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http://www.visacoach.com/fiancee-visa-eligibility.html Eligibility requirements for a K-1 fiance visa for entry to the USA include such factors as US citizenship, income, marital status, bone fide relationship, passport, and moral character.
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First: The Sponsor must be a US citizen.
That means Green card holders, lawful permanent residents in the USA are not eligible

The Sponsor’s income should be over 100% of his states poverty level.
In 2016 this means $16,020 for the couple, plus $4,160 for any additional household members

Both Sponsor and Fiancee are free to marry
That means, they have always been single, or if previously married that marriage is ended by
divorce, annulment or death.

The couple has physically met within the past two years.
This means both have met face to face, in person. Webcams are great, but only the
in person meeting, breathing the same air counts.

The couple has a sincere relationship between them.
It does not have to be a “Hallmark Greeting Card” romantic relationship. It just has to be sincere that the couple TRULY want to have a live together.

The couple has serious intentions to marry if the visa is granted.
That means the couple should in good faith hope that should all go well within the 90 day visit
they will marry. In practice the promise that they “intend” to marry, doesn’t mean they MUST
marry. If things don’t go as planned, they are not forced to marry, instead the fiance simply
returns to home country.

The Fiancee possesses a passport permitting her to travel across international borders.
The fiance visa will be stamped into the passport. No passport means no visa.

The Fiancee has the required vaccinations and does not carry any diseases that would
cause a public health risk.

The Fiancee has not seriously violated U.S. immigration laws.
This is when we are talking about previous deportations, and being caught earlier in
fraud. For example, sometimes couples hope to speed up the process by applying
for tourist visas. If attempting that, make sure your fiance is totally honest in answering
questions about who she knows in the USA, what the purpose of the trip is and so on.
If she denys knowing you her American fiance during the visitor interview, then turns
her story totally around during the fiance visa to says she has know and loved you for
a long time. Don’t expect it to go well when the consular officer compares notes from
the previous interview.

The couple have a sincere “bone fide” relationship. Meaning they truly want to spend their
lives together, that they are not shaming, they are not undergoing this process, only
for immigration purposes.

Finally, the Fiancee is of good moral character.
This is kind of a “catch all”. It was designed to prevent criminals and sex trade workers
from being eligible. But sometimes the consular officer also takes a strict moralistic position on adultery, by denying couples whose relationships occurred while one or the other was still married.